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Snare Drums:
14 x 5.5” Ludwig Black Beauty Brass Snare Drum
14 x 3.5” Pearl Brass Free-Floating Piccolo
12 x 7” Mapex Black Panther Birdseye Maple Snare Drum
10 x 6” Tama Birdseye Maple Snare Drum

Sabian Cymbals:
13” AAX Fusion Top Hi-Hat
13” AAX Stage Bottom Hi-Hat
8” AAX Splash
10” AAX China Splash
16” AA Sound Control Crash
18” AAX Stage Crash
18” HHX Chinese
21” HH Raw-Bell Dry Ride


Pearl Reference Drums - Twilight Fade.
22 x 20” Bass Drum
10 x 9” Rack Tom
14 x 12” Floor Tom
16 x 16” Floor Tom


Pearl Masters Drums – Magenta Sparkle.
22 x 18” Bass Drum
10 x 9” Rack Tom
12 x 10” Rack Tom
14 x 12” Floor Tom

Bass Drum Pedal:

Malleus Generation 2

Skins & Sticks:
Remo Coated Ambassadors on all of my Snares
Remo Pinstripes on my Toms
Remo Powerstroke 3s on my Bass Drums.
Currently using Vic Firth 5BN's but am also a fan of 2BN's and Vater 'Phat Ride' sticks… Nice!

For Travel:


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